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The internet has become an everyday part of life, and children are growing up with it, using it to learn and play more than any generation before them has done. It’s a wonderful resource but we need to make sure that we are safe online; the online safety of your Pippin is of vital importance to us.

Our site is:

  • Secure, with SSL encryption
  • Specifically designed for Pippins
  • Monitored by GirlGuiding NZ.

We have made sure that your tamariki will be safe on our site – within the activities there are no external links for her to click on and no advertising pop-ups.

All of our Leaders have been interviewed, police vetted and offered training for dealing with children. These helpful tips will help ensure a safe environment for your tamariki;

  1. Stay on the Explore Pippins website; do not go to any other website

We recommend that your tamariki use the Explore Pippins programme in a family space rather than by themselves in their room. This will allow you to monitor what they are doing.

It’s important to emphasise that your tamariki should stay on the Explore Pippins website rather than clicking on anything else, such as apps that may be on the device.

  1. Get help if you get stuck or are unsure about anything

It’s always better for tamariki to get help rather than trying to fix something themselves. If they don’t know what to do, they need to be able to get an adult to help them.

Netsafe, New Zealand’s online safety organisation, has developed good resources around content risks. They have a Safety Button available for free download that can be clicked on if a child sees something distressing online. Clicking on the button causes the screen to be covered with an underwater scene and a message encouraging the child to get an adult.

These links contain useful information for parents about helping children with the internet:

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